Sunday, January 5, 2014

Feliz Navidad

Thank you everyone who sent me little messages of encouragement. It was the sweetest Christmas gift i could have recieved today. Last email i basically forgot Christmas was coming up until the end when i wrote Feliz Navidad haha, so sorry it was not super spiritual or anything. Our Christmas was basically banging on gates all day to practically no avail, and not eating dinner hahaha. but it was still great because i got to talk to my wonderful family, and i read my favorite chapter in the Book of Mormon about our Savior Jesus Christ - Mosiah 14. It is when Isaiah talks about the Atonement of Christ, and it is so beautifully worded, the perfect expression of that ultimate act of love done in order to save the world. Its only about 12 verses so all of you should read it again! I´m so grateful for my Savior and my Heavenly Father, because of them i am never alone. This has been my wonderful gift of Christmas, to have this knowledge of comfort, especially in this particular time while i feel especially lonely and isolated. I dont know what i would do without my testimony that God is here for me, and i know he is there for each of you as well. And i want our investigators (if we ever get any haha) to know this as well.
Okay, here are the times and seasons of Montero, Bolivia from the last week:
-there was a sickly little skin and bones kitten (possibly rabid), who i named Roberto and told my companion he was our new mascota. However not five minutes later while we were trying to share our message with a man at his gate, two giant dogs got Roberto and literally tried to rip him in half, and i just covered my eyes. So RIP Roberto, my anorexic kitten pet.
-I have seen two partially nude people within the last 5 days. First the town crack addict (literally) who had his pants almost off. and second, an old OLD woman who has apparently grown tired of wearing shirts all the time, so, bless her heart.
-Two little girls came up to us on the street and my companion explained to me for five minutes till i understood that they were attempting to ask us to read their palms haha. i wish.
-Apparently i am just a jungle woman now because a giant jungle bug flew in our window and i just whapped it down with a book like it aint no thang.
-We met a creepy little girl with big eyes who told us all about the ghost men who follow her and grab her arms. one the hombre rojo and one the hombre blanco...
-Everyone here thinks i am afro brazilian. till they find out i cant speak spanish hahah.
Anyway, i have no time today because my internet cut out for a while and apparently i had to do something my companion didnt explain till we got her for our goal setting online. But love you all!

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