Monday, August 11, 2014

Sunday Funday

July 14th, 2014

Dear Family and Friends, 

This week has been draining! but i am still alive and happy. I am not even going to go into detail with a whole lot, but i´ll just explain yesterday so you can get a feel of a typical Sunday (so much for being the day of rest haha)

First we called and texted less actives, investigators, etc many of whom told us "no se preocupe" that they would definitely be in church. then we went to Darlin´s house, the mom whose family we have been teaching, whose father is an alcoholic. The father left the family a week ago, with his things in tow, and since then it has been much easier to encourage the family that they can change. the mom accepted a baptism date, and promised the whole family would attend this Sunday, but when we showed up to take them to church they had all gone to the market, and then never showed up in the chapel. that was a big disappointment. 
After, a 2 hour long ward counsel, we went to another contacts home. she was sitting on a rock outside her home and started crying, telling us about how she had lost money in a taxi, approximately 100 dollars, 50 of which were hers and 50 her sisters. She was crying because she didnt know if she will be able to buy food for her family, and she was afraid to tell her sister. while we were trying to console her another family went through the gate, the father hit on me in front of his wife, which is fairly typical, and then another father and mother came out, the dad completely drunk and yelling at his wife and threating violence. the wife was crying and her little 5 year old daughter, who was holding another baby, was crying and too afraid to enter the home. we had to leave the situation. 
Next we went to one of our favorite less active families. We started out normal, sharing scriptures and testimony with the dad and mom and daughter, until we shared a quote from one of the conference talks about the basic things a family has to do to stay unified, prayer, scripture study, and family home evening. the mom started crying and said she new they werent doing all they can and that their family was suffering because of it, the dad told us he needed to confess something, and told us some bad bad problems in their family and started to yell and accuse the mom and daughter, who were both crying. it was so uncomfortable, and even when we tried to bear testimony or share something to help them, the father just talked over us and we finally had to leave, on the way out the mother whispered to me that their daughter wants to go on a mission, and the mom wants to attend church, but the father refuses to support. And this is a family sealed in the temple. 

Anyways, after all this, i REALLY needed my pday. haha but also, i can tell you we are still happy. We face and see a lot of negative things on our missions. We struggle trying to get people to understand the beauty and importance of the covenants they have made or could make. and it is a long, long, difficult process. But we know that through the atonement of jesus christ all will be healed and made right some day. we are trying hard to do our part in this process of healing right now, and we will continue doing so without becoming discouraged. I love my saviour, i love people, every people, and i love you guys! 

Hermana Bingham 

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