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9 months

August 18th, 2014

Hola Amigos!

Sorry i didnt write anything last week. This has been an interesting and crazy two weeks. First there were some emergency cambios, because in one of the other areas somebody was murdered in a house right next to the sister missionaries house. They moved the sisters that day of course and hermana padilla from peru and hermana nelson from utah moved into our house temporarily (now that we have the big apartment, since we had to move out of the rat infested mold house). Padilla got moved into a different trio in my zone after a few days and hermana nelson got to stay with us for the last three weeks of our cambio. i was super excited because i probably get along with her better than anyone else in the mission. but it is weird cause we are now an american trio which probably has never happened. i cant even tell you the amount of crazy old men who try to hit on us every day or the amount of wolf whistles from everyone. it is a strange experience. however, it has been good, because it is interesting to share what we have all been learning here on our missions as three people who have similar cultural backgrounds. Hermana Nelson has a year on her mission, is only 20, but extremely cool, i have learned so much from her. And just last week Hermana Judd and i completed 9 months. i really cant believe how fast the time flies. 
This week we will finally be baptizing Gabriel, my investigador who disappeared, then reappeared, and has had a really hard time with work to finally be able to be baptized and confirmed. but he is finally ready. Also, this sunday out of nowhere, a girl named Carolina came to church. she was an investigador i had had who had also accepted a baptism date and then literally disappeared without even a phone call. she showed up and said she had felt the need to come back to church and feels ready to start receiving the lessons again, you can just never know how the gospel will affect someone and how it works. it takes so long for people to be ready to accept, it is usually over months and months or years and connections with a lot of different missionaries. 
I always have to remember that, because things just beat you down on the mission. the family of Eliana and David who came to church two times in a row and were talking about baptism dropped us. They didnt come to church their third sunday even though they had been all excited, and then were avoiding our calls and when we went by their house. Finally we found Eliana on a saturday and she explained that her husband had heard from a friend that the mormons are crazy, joseph smith is made up, etc etc and he had gotten scared and told her they werent going back. my heart was breaking, and we couldnt even talk to the husband because like always he is just working and doesnt have a phone. i begged her to convince him to come one more time sunday so that we could have the chance to respond to his doubts, and we all bore our testimonies of the savior, and that he is the center of our message. but on sunday they didnt come. I know they had to have felt something, it is just so hard to get people to take the chance to really develop their faith. when we left Eliana saturday i just couldnt feel happy and started crying. their family lives in poverty, the parents never see each other, and all their relatives around them drink and smoke and do drugs. we have what they need, the exact thing that will light up their life, and because of one thing that one uninformed person said, they are too scared to embrace it now.But things like this just give me an insight into how they Savior feels when he offers us the most obvious and true solution and we still dont live up to our potentials. i still felt love for david and eliana, they dont know what they are doing.but i felt sadness for what they are missing out on, at least for the moment. 
But all we can do is keep pressing forward and sharing the light! we found a crazy old man investigador this week. he is extremely intelligent but super crazy, he is really lonely. we visited him with this crazy old woman from our ward and i think they made hilarious friends. but he came to church sunday surprisingly, and our amazing stake president gave a talk, and braulio (the old man) cried!! and he said he had never had a pastor bring out tears. (By the way hermana nelson and i just freaked out because these computers are infested with little baby cockroaches, but a big one just crawled out from under my keyboard and she was wapping everything with her agenda trying to kill it - gross). 
Anyway, love you all! thanks for your prayers and support. Que Dios les bendiga
hermana bingham 

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