Monday, June 2, 2014



I dont have much time this week, but i want to thank you guys for DA BIRFDAY LUV!! I am truly an ancient old lady now, but its okay. my birthday was actually so great!! i got to pick up a sloth, like you saw in the pic, so as if THAT wasnt enough for one day, my zone leaders (who are great) bought me a cake and me and my companion and 30 elders sang and ate cake. and then later my companion and i and our favorite ward missionary Ericka Rojas went shopping for my birthday futbol. i bought one with the brazilian flag because i have decided i am from brazil since people here literally talk to me in portugese because they just assume i am brazilian and i love it. after my mission i am going to visit brazil (but thailand first). and after that our mission presidents wife visited with another cake! and even the mission president! i dont know why they were in montero, or if it was literally just to bring me cake, but what cuties. and then we had a noche de hogar with the familia arrodondo, one of my faves, and they "secretly invited" other people from our ward, and we had a little testimony meeting and then salchi papa-ish food (i dont know what its called) and MAS TORTA!!!!! wooo. haha. so it was really awesome. Anyways, next week i will actually write about my investigadors instead of just about me HA. 

love cass

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