Monday, March 24, 2014

Ya Pues


Dear Family and Friends!
Times and Seasons of Montero

1.  There are currently  30 misioneros in my zone, the most in our whole mission, because of the flooding in Trinidad. So that means my companion and I and 28 elders ha
2.       A lizard, one of the many in our apartment, laid eggs on my pillow. So that was nice.
3.       My companion ate sketch chicken and got salmonella. That’s why I don’t eat sketch chicken.
4.       My best friend, an anorexic flea invaded kitten that is so fugly its cute, died. Of parasitos.
5.       I was literally teaching about el espiritu santo when suddenly someone blasted beyonce and I hadn’t heard her angel voice for months and I literally forgot all my Spanish and stopped the lesson for a good 5 seconds. And that people is the power of beyonce and el Diablo, making me a pecadora during our lesson.
Besides those essencial pieces of news, actually things here are somewhat difficult. Unfortunately my companion doesn’t really like to work. And if anyone knows anything about a mission its that we work. All. The. Time. And especially right now we are just knocking doors because celine was baptized and our other investigadors have been falling through left and right. But I am really trying, and I am leading our companionship, and I am trying to maintain positivity and faith. We found one girl Gabriela, whose abuela recently died, and she has been having the same dream about her grandma over and over and had a ton of questions. So we have been teaching about the plan of salvation, where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going. I am hoping to bring her to conference!!

Thanks everyone for your birthday wishes ! I love you all.
Hermana bingham 

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