Monday, March 24, 2014

que bonito su cabello


So this week i want to say one thing about my hair. i hated it when i was little and stuff and everyone told me not to. and now i love it because i love being different. and now i love it even more because people in bolivia and africa love it and i love them. and one girl Beatriz REALLY loves it as in is OBSESSED. she is only 12 and we were trying to teach her with her older sister and she could not stop saying Que Bonito Su Cabello. like literally she said it 10 times in 10 minutes. i would read a scripture and ask que entiende de este verciculo sobre la expiacion de jesucristo. and her answer is, que bonita su cabello. so my companion and i couldnt stop laughing after because every time we kept trying to be all spiritual she would just bring up my hair again hahaha.
Also, heres a special shoutout of please forgive me to all those (especially Nichole Boyd) who heard me make fun of returned missionaries who "couldnt speak english normally." well i cant speak spanish or english now. so i guess its my punishment for being a brat. my companion wanted me to pray in english yesterday so she could hear and i hadnt said an english prayer outloud for months and i literally had to pray like a five year old because half the words i could only think of in spanish. so its true people. those boys in sacrament arent faking that they forgot words in english in order to impress people. its real. 

with all that super important stuff out of the way about ME we´ll get to the OTHER stuff about the people God is trying to help through me, his super humble servant. This week i am just going to tell about Genesis and Barbara because i love them. Genesis is 18, she attended the church in a different town with her boyfriend a few months back, and after moving to montero to study and live with her abuela she searched for a mormon chapel and found us. so we have been teaching her, and she had some initial doubts but than the spirit helped her out. and now she wants to be baptized, but her super evangelical abuela - who tried to teach us about how her pastor knows that mormons are full of apostasy - doesnt want her to. But Genesis keeps on coming to church even when she has to sneak out. Then there is Barbara, the coolest girl ive met here, whose mom is super catholic and says the church will brain wash her. Barbara also sneaks out of the house to see us, even thougfshe isssmony from the first time she was taught the lessons 6 months ago, but in that time she just couldnt break it to her mom that she wanted to be baptized. but i think the time is right now, because we miraculously found her in her house without her mom one day and have restarted all the lessons. she has accepted a baptism date. on sunday she really wanted to come but her mom wouldnt budge. we texted her to pray and have faith, and eventually her mom agreed it was her decision. This is my third investigator like this, because Emilene also had the same problem, but was baptized a month ago and actually to this day none of family knows except her little sister who accidently found the baptismal card we made for her haha. but she promised to keep the secret. both barbara and emilene are 21, but people have to listen to their moms here.

Anyway, it is just so inspiring to see what people can be motivated to do when they feel the spirit testify of truth. it would be much easier for these girls to just forget about the church and not risk their relationships with their moms and grandmas. but instead, they are doing everything they can to make their baptisms possible and participate in the church. their spirits are just so strong, and they are examples to me. sometimes harsh examples because i think of the times when i took the gospel for granted and did practically nothing, when it was so easy for me! it was faithfully taught to me and exhibited to me from birth. But we all have different journeys and i am so grateful for the privilege to know and learn from these girls. 

My favorite scriptures of the week are Mosiah chapters 4 and 5. all of king benjamins words are so inspiring, and i think his emphasis on service is so extremely cool because it is God and the gospel wrapped up in simple words. God is love, and to know God is to love. 1 John 4:7-9 says it all, and than in verse 18, 19, with love there cannot be fear. because when we love we know God, and when we know God there is no earthly thing that could cause us to fear because He is our Rock. The Gospel is Service and "under this head we are made free" when we "render to him all that we have and are." So many people in this world are trying to find the pathway to liberation and "nirvana". If only they realized, like the scriptures teach us, that "world peace" and the "utopian society" could be possible if we turned outward and fulfilled each other in selfless service and genuine love - the doctrine of christ. this is the convenant people make when they are baptized, mosiah 18:8,9, and this is why i can bear testimony to all that baptism is the correct and only path. 

Love, Hermana Bingham

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