Monday, March 24, 2014

The Hope That Is In You


On Saturday i got to be a part of two special baptisms! Hermana Emilene and Hermana Fabiola. My companion and her last companion initiated teaching them, but i got to help in a good number of lessons with both these girls. they are both about my age and i love them. it has been such a great experience to watch them learn about the gospel and both express the desire to be baptized and be a part of the ward. i have pictures! but so far this computer is rejecting my camera. so if not today hopefully next week.
My spanish is improving, and i am really able to teach a lot more of the lessons now and i understand un poquito mas cada dia. it is so random when you are just going about the day and all of a sudden realize how much you have progressed and that all though most of the time it doesnt seem like it, you are actually learning a language haha. 
We also have a new investigador hermano renal. i just really love him because he was like un investigador perfecto. he immediately was asking whats the point of life, where do we go after we die, why are there so many churches that all claim to be true but interpret the scriptures differently. i am practically begging that he doesnt drop us because im like WE CAN TELL YOU EVERYTHING haha. 
On a side note, our apt has two new pets that i ushered into the door from outside, lizards. i named one Timoteo. because i want them to eat the baby cockroaches. because horror of all horrors one of the giant cockroaches that sometimes walk around our sink in the kitchen decided to migrate onto our TOILET this week. i almost died. i have a pic of one of these monsters too, so someday you will be graced with this sight. 
also, all the latino elders love me because i play futbol with them when most of the other sisters refuse. and actually i am still really good! or maybe it seems that way because a lot of the latino elders are a little chubby so i can just run faster than them haha. 
Anyway, here is my fave scrip of the week 1 Peter 3:15  "Sanctify the Lord God in your hearts and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear" (fear being translated here from the greek "reverance and awe")
i am so so incredibly grateful for the hope the Gospel and knowing my purpose brings. i pray that i can help others see the light and hope and their endless potential as well. 
love, hermana bingham

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