Monday, March 24, 2014

Quick Update


family and friends,

i dont have much time, but i want to let you know that i am in montero for my third cambio again haha. i am with a new companion from peru, h. padilla. i am feeling good in my area because i know it so well now, and my spanish has progressed enough that i understand almost everything people say, and although my speaking is still super ugly, i can at least communicate independently, even if i needed to be a trainer or something. the transition of companions has been a little bit difficult because h. huenchur de chile was such a good match for me and we worked hard and had so much energy. my new companion is much slower and harder to get to work. i am still junior companion but so far i have had to take the lead in most things so i feel like senior haha. we are searching for people to teach right now which is a little discouraging. we had the familia gomez but their marriage papers are still complicated and we taught them basically everything. barbara my favorite investigator who had accepted a baptism date completely dropped us without a word and when we visited her house her brother came out and said she wouldnt see us. i know it is because her mom is super catholic and really against us :( but it is okay i am going to seguir adelante con fe en cristo! sorry this is so short and boring but my computer is literally going to turn off in like 30 seconds. love you all!

hermana bingham

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